Who's Who at the BCS

Positions and what they mean

Owner- Creator of the dream and lord of the manor
.House slave- A slave owned by Trefold whom he uses to serve guests in any way that they wish. A house slave has no rights and is forced to serve any free-folk that enter.

Black Collared Slave
- Black collared slaves are Trefolds personal slaves that he keeps around to help serve his guests. However these slaves are off limits for more exotic needs unless given permission by Trefold. These slaves are often his better behaved slaves and more exotic pets.

House Slaves- House slaves are slaves that Trefold purchases and uses to entertain his guests while keeping the manor running. It is their job to tend bars, and deal with the crowds that come and go. They are not his beloved Black Collared, and are therefor not off limits to his guests, but at the same time they are not whipping slaves and getting too sexual or too violent with them could have repercussions.

Brothel slave- These slaves are purchases that Trefold has made that he truly has no intention in keeping. These slaves are often bought only to be sold at his manor to anyone that can spare enough coin.

Whipping slave- Whipping slaves are Trefold's traditions to make sure that his newest purchases know what's await them should they disappoint him. Whipping slaves are slaves that Trefold encourages others to rough up, for some reason they have pissed their master off and are subjected to punishments at the whims of Trefold, his guests, and even other slaves. Fresh purchases remain whipping slaves until they have proven their worth to Trefold. Also any slaves that cause excessive amounts of trouble will be demoted to whipping slave.

Patron- Patrons are the common folk that make the bar what it is. Guests that pop in and out, sell and buy slaves at the manor and much more.

Honored guest- Honored guests are slavers and free-folk that have residency at the BCS. Either through purchase or employment Trefold has seen fit to grant them a permanent room at his home.

Members of the Black Collar Society

- Owner and dream founder

Lost Ulric- Black Collared Slave (Renting Fee- 100)

Shenanigans- Black collared slave (Renting Fee- 100)

Y'sirra- Black collared slave (Renting Fee- 100)

Sacred Dancer Satinka- Black collared slave (Renting Fee- 100)

Thea Miasmador- House Slave (Renting fee- 50)

IsamuKimiKamako- House Slave (Renting fee- 50)

Fuchs- Whipping Slave (Renting fee- free)

Sarukii- Whipping slave (Renting fee- free)

Goodie- Whipping slave (Renting fee- free)