First Inter-Dream Event!!!

The Black Collar is struggling to give out members the best IC plot in furcadia. Gathering interesting players from around the world with unique and original plots so that everyone can help contribute to our growing community. In our attempts we are going to play host to a plot based event involving teams from five other dreams. This event is being kept tightly under wraps until the time for the unveiling but I can tell you this. The event is being pitched as an interdream competition between the invited dreams. Each dream is asked to bring five players to help them play through the event. First place will receive a BCS trophy which will be added to our website and advertise the winner's dream  along with a hoard of our dream's currency and the ability to heavy influence our plot. This is subject to change, I would love to be able to offer more prizes like digos and the like, if you would like to donate or help with this event in anyway please whisper Trefold. Other than the event there are going to be tons of prizes, competitions, and chances for players to have fun. Dreams will be judged on a number of areas to decide the events winner, some of which includes; Most supporters (for the dream who's designated room has the most players in it), most epic wins; most epic fails.

Participating dreams;

Kitty's Arena

Ruby Collar

Painted Dragon

Darkest Desires (Undecided)

Dreams that rejected invites

The Golden Tether