The BCS Shop

The black collar society prides its self in the in game currency we have established to encourage characters to interact with one another and help establish the real world community within our dream. To do this we have put together a number of things for you to use your hard earned coin on. Here is a list of some of what you may buy in the Black Collar Society.


Slaves- Vary per slave

Entry Emits- 300 per line

Exit Emit- 300 per line

Change an existing emit- 150

Player owned homes- (Per month, changes depending on demand) 800


Slave Training- Vary depending on slave

Private Party- 500 per session if staff is available

Renting Slaves- Vary per slave. (Renting a slave is any form of entertainment their master would not normally approve of. For example Yiffing, taking them off the grounds, private parties, hunting, or other forms that their master would not allow normally)