Money at the BCS

Why a Currency?

The Black Collar Society uses their own currency in order to enhance the IC roleplaying atmosphere. Only members can earn and use coins. When you become a member you will receive 100 coins. If for rp purposes you think that your character would have less then you can take less.  All purchases are made with in game coin that players earn through various sales and transactions. For roleplay purposes all characters are considered to have enough coin to make small purchases at the bar and these transactions can be made without actually taking coin from your balance. Coins can be used to purchase permanent rooms, slaves, and other services around the manor.

Earning Coin

Coin can be earned many different ways. The most common and most profitable at the BCS would be by selling another character into slavery. Please note that there are many different qualities that will effect the price offered. A few OOC as well as IC. The IC qualities that will come into play would be the breed of the character, if the character is considered rare or common. Along with if the slave is going to be a time consuming or costly servant to have around. The OOC qualities that will come into play is how often the player is on, and the quality of the roleplay its self, for example a character who is consistently a multi-para will be offered more coin then one that's a three line minimum.  Please note that trying to sell you or another player's alt at the manor is against the rules and could lead to all involved players being banned. Also there are a few OOC ways that you can earn coin. As you have noticed the dream isn't quite done yet, if you can contribute in anyway to making the dream better, ie patches or any dreamwork, idea, recruiting, you might find yourself with a fistful of coin.  Another common way to get coin is simply through roleplay. If a player is noticed for repeatedly setting the bar for high quality rp they can be awarded small amounts of coin. At the BCS we are fans of letting the players control their worlds, so instead of forcing plots and such I prefer to allow players to create their own plots with their unique dynamic characters. So anyone who seems to be generating a lot of rp around by coming up with a decent plot that others wish to partake in might also find themselves with large amounts of coin.