Lost Little Birdie

This page is a place holder for my alt; Lost Little Birdie. If you have wandered to this page while browsing at the BCS stuff please know that this character has nothing to do with that dream.

At first glance the awe beauty of the creature would stun and amaze. An exotic bird, adorned from head to scale like feet in lush feathers that held every array of green imaginable. A few spots along it's tailfeathers and wings were accented with an odd yellow color to give the creature that exotic look like some Amazonian songbird. The thick feathers that grew from it's body made clothing mere accessories, keeping the creature modest at all times. Yet there were a few accessories that stood out about it. First off would be that jet black hair, which held a purple tint making it look like a rich night sky. To complete the simily was the bright silver moon that was tucked into it's hair like some sort of pic, a bright gem that glimmered in any light, yet if it was removed lost it's glow and appeared to be nothing more then a worthless rock. The creature also wore a pair of thick purple gloves, only a few shades deeper then it's hair and trimmed in a lighter shade of purple. The only other item of notice was an odd paper lantern it was often seen carrying. The lanter would emit a soft blue light and occasionally puffs of smoke through a rip that resembled a mouth, and was further given the impression of a mouth by eyes someone had drawn onto the lantern. Engaging the creature in conversation was a challenge, leading to the mutterings of foreign riddles and philosophies like one would read in a fortune cookie.

However a closer glance reveals the sick little birds many flaws. Two toned eyes that held red iris's were way larger then normal, puffed and the part of the eyes that were normally white where a dark shade of purple, making it look as if the thing constantly had two black eyes. The 'beak' was in fact not the brittle bone like substance normal birds had, but instead an odd mesh of feather and scales that formed more of a deformed maw then a beak. it's thick coat of feathers were falling out, the creature actually wearing an odd meshing which had it's fallen feathers sewed into it to make it look like they were attached. The creature often sat around, at times having conversations with that lantern, and if you could draw the attention of the daft bird one would notice that left eye was lazy, often giving the impression that it was looking in random spots around the room. While seeing the whole picture, one would be left to wonder if it's riddles and ramblings were that of an intelligent creature, or if some retarded parrot had merely grew skilled at reflecting your own words back at you.