What's Happening Now?

Trefold, one of the rare rags to riches success stories finally got enough coin to open his own place like he longed for so long. But now that it's open he's struggling to keep his head above water. With the mass amounts of competitive markets the wolf is finding it hard to compete and better yet pull in the coin he needs to finish his manor. The lands the manor was built upon keep showing new secrets, the odd aura it posses countering out all magical abilities to those on his grounds, and more furs report strange happenings in the grounds around the manor. It's rumored that for some reason a large beast prowls the forest, always staying just outside of the strange aura, desperately seeking a way in. The manor its self seems to hold a few odd secrets, a few guests having reported hearing strange mechanical clankings occasionally in the middle of night, the sound seeming to echo out of the stonework its self. But the lord of the manor hasn't the time for hunting down ghost stories, he busies himself with buying, selling and training new slaves, constantly trying to pull cash in so he can continue to stock his bar and keep his guests coming back.