Black Listed Players

Players listed on this page have been banned from the dream for various reasons agreed upon by the staff. These players have been asked not to return to the dream on the banned account or on any other alts. If you are a banned player who would like to appeal your ban contact Trefold to have the reason you were banned discussed along with the reason you would like the ban removed.

Banned Players

Emmanuel Senivid ----- ICly attacked owner and tried to steal one of his slaves.

Argos Ven ----- OOCly threatened staff because a rp didn't go his way
Mimette -------- OOC drama
Rain Kikkiro known alt Vier ----- OOC drama
Lyris Krye/Kritanta Arcanum/Solace Shadowpaw/Sephan ---------- Signing on multiple alts to try and influence a role play. Metagame thinking.
Mother------ Would not listen to rules, repeated god modes, would not listen to staff.